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CPD is the new CPC! Keep your sales team selling with pre-qualified leads at a fixed price, reach the decision makers that need your product.

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Our awesome features

How it works

If a prospect has booked a demo through us, you will receive an email notification the following day after the meeting. You have two choices: approve or contest the booking. If you choose to contest, you must provide a reason why the prospect was not suitable. If you approve the booking, we will charge $250 to the card associated with your account.

Fixed fee of $250 per demo.

Your approval required before billing

Our awesome features

Launch your first campaign within 3 weeks

Within one month of signing up, our goal is to launch the first campaign. During this time, we will set up integrations, warm up email accounts, and collaborate with you to identify the Ideal Customer Profile and craft the right wording for your outbound email sequence.

Email Deliverability

We register, warmup and maintain multiple email accounts for your campaign. Auto-rotating mailboxes for each prospect, keeping deliverability high through humanized natural email activity.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

We prospect for you

With a clear definition of your campaigns ICP (Title, Geography, Industry etc.) we create a potential prospect list to be approved by you before launch.

Reports & KPI's

Stay updated with all campaign statistics (sent, opened, clicked) and interested leads through your dashboard.

Our awesome features


All payments are securely processed via Stripe. Upon signup, a fee of $250 (one demo in advance) will be charged. Subsequent demos will be charged $250 each upon approval. You must approve or contest a demo within 5 days to avoid an automatic charge.

$250 / demo meeting
  • Multiple Domain Names
  • Multiple Mailbox Management
  • Email Warmup
  • CRM Integration
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Prospecting
  • Only pay for arrived prospects
  • Demo's to be approved or contested by you
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